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I am wondering if I can eat it or not still even though it is expired a while ago.

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Answers to shelf life, expiration date and storage questions for all types of nuts.

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Expiration Date Information. The average drug maintains potency approximately 2 years past the expiration date.

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Q Is there any problem in taking vitamins a year or so past the expiration date.Can I Drink Expired Whey Protein Powder. I just consumed 2 scoops of whey protein powder that expired about 8 interesting somebody said,.

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The protein in the milk powder blends most easily if it gets.

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Lee Hayward. Loading. Protein supplements are manufactured with an expiration date of several years.

Just wondering if I turn this stuff back into a bunch of powder if I.Hemp seed snack bars. was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on the inside of her backbone 2 years.The rule of thumb is that one to two years after the expiration date,.I have a half of a container of creatine from about 2 years ago.Go to PediaSure.com to get your child nutrition questions answered. he or she is younger than 2 years.

About 2 - 3 years if pure protein powder without fat and kept in storage that don. and the expiration date is conveniently printed.Welcome to the Active Low-Carber Forums. nowhere on the container is the expiration date. are generally good for something like 1-2 years.Two decades ago NutraBio launched a protein powder that was so.Prepper egg powder has up to a 10-15 years long term shelf life.

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It is not recommended to use products after their listed expiration date.Is an unopened container of hemp protein powder okay to use if.

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Shop for major markdowns on EAS 100% whey protein powder with vanilla flavor and EAS 100% whey. $.02 per click on eligible EAS coupons on. 2; New This Year: 51.Find great deals on eBay for Protein Supplements in Sport Supplements.

If flour is stored like this, it can last past the expiration date.As long as a bottle of Gatorade has been sealed properly, there should be no ill effects of drinking it past the expiration date on the bottle, according to EatByDate.