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See facts and statistics on type 2 diabetes to see how this condition affects patients in America.Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that may be reversible with diet and lifestyle changes.Compare risks and benefits of common medications used for Diabetes, Type 2.

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Exercising regularly—like a brisk walk of 1-2 miles in 30 minutes—at least five times a week, even if that does not result in you achieving an ideal weight.

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If peripheral neuropathy causes numbness, the person may not feel irritation in the foot.Learn how a healthy diet and certain lifestyle changes can help you manage your condition.

However, more and more children and teens are developing this condition.Type 2 diabetes — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment, prevention of this often weight-related condition.Teens with type 2 diabetes and have to pay close attention to what they eat and do.Atherosclerosis — Atherosclerosis is fat buildup in the artery walls.In some cases, hyperosmolar syndrome is the first sign that a person has type 2 diabetes.Caught early, retinopathy damage can be minimized by tightly controlling blood sugar and using laser therapy.

Diabetes affects 24 million people in the U.S., but only 18 million know they have it.Heart attack, stroke and kidney disease can result in premature death.This list of facts and tips about type 2 diabetes provides a quick resource for you as you learn about and live with diabetes.

Updated insulin and oral anti-diabetic medicine to help care for your patients.Very short-acting insulin is used with meals, to help control the spike in blood sugar levels that occur with a meal.AMP will begin with three to five year pilot projects in three disease areas, including type 2 diabetes.Blood is tested in the morning after you have fasted overnight.Commonly referred to as juvenile diabetes, learn about symptoms and different types of insulin.Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body has trouble using its own insulin to control the blood sugar.Consumer information about type 2 diabetes symptoms like frequent urination, thirst, and dehydration.

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It causes confused thinking, weakness, nausea and even seizure and coma.Learn about type 2 diabetes symptoms, type 2 diabetes causes, diagnosis, and more.

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Type 2 diabetes is also called type 2 diabetes mellitus and adult-onset diabetes.Here, you can ask questions, share experiences and learn from other people living with type 2 diabetes.Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - an easy to understand guide covering causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and prevention plus additional in depth medical information.Learn more about the symptoms, foods to avoid, and lifestyle management.

Diabetes affects over 29 million people in the United States, and 1 in 4 of those affected are.Research studies have found that moderate weight loss and exercise can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes among adults at high-risk of diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (formerly called non-insulin-dependent diabetes) causes abnormal carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism associated with insulin.Diabetes mellitus type 2 (or adult-onset diabetes) is a metabolic disorder where high levels of blood sugar occur.